17 Jul

Last night I camped at the mouth of Beaver Creek, near Bridgewater. Tonight it will be at Little Beaver Creek, near Glasgow.

There is an interesting story concerning Beaver Creek, the big one. Seems that, in 1789, General Samuel Parsons, a commander of troops in the Continental Army during the American Revolution, travelled down the Ohio from Pittsburg, intending to explore Beaver Creek to the Cuyahoga River, then to Lake Erie. During a winter flood, he had a canoe accident and was killed. His body wasn't found until May and he was placed in a temporary grave, awaiting a more official burial later. Somehow the location of the temporary grave was lost and now he resides somewhere on the banks of Beaver Creek.

About noon today I came to the site of a famous local eatery, Lockhouse 6 Restaurant. It was built is an old lockhouse on the river bank and was known in these parts to serve fine food. Alas, when I arrived, I found that it had gone out of business and the building is for sale. Too bad, I was looking forward to eating lunch there.

I am presently sitting in a small park that straddles the border between Pennsylvania and Ohio. I guess I could sleep tonight with one foot in each state if I knew exactly where the line is. So tomorrow, I will be leaving PA. So long, it's been good to know ya.