I will mention some names because I do not want anyone who helped me to think I can forget them. There was Steve Selin and his wife Jenny in Morgantown, WV, who provided me with contacts all down the Mon River, and kicked my trip off on the first day with encouragement. Darlene Garrett and her friend Maggie in Greensboro, PA, who provided me dinner on the first evening and let me camp in their backyard. The man and wife, in Rices Landing who brought me a Subway sandwich because everything in the town was closed. The crew of the Myra H. tugboat. Norma Ryan, ex-mayor of Brownsville, PA. who bought me breakfast and gave me a tour of the town.. Don Henderson, city manager of Charleroi, who did so much for me, too much to list, and Debra Keefer of Charleroi Chamber of Commerce. Dave and Jim, at the marina in New Eagle, PA, who shared beer, ice water and Greek meatballs with me. Giovanna Rappa and her boyfriend Tommy near Pittsburgh, just a young curious couple who wanted to hear all I had to tell. Virgil Reynolds and his friends at Beaver Creek, Larry in particular, unforgetable. Virgil showed up and took me to breakfast on a cold and foggy morning. Geri Morgan at the Groveton Boat Club, again someone whose kindness included things too numerous to list. The folks at the Athens Boat & Ski Club in Hockingport, who gave me a place to camp, beer and cheese snacks. Butch near Apple Grove, who gave me his riverside cabin for a night. The unnamed tugboat that passed me often and gave me a whistle each time. Ray Church in Belpre, Ohio, who went to a lot of trouble to return my lost watch. The folks at the marina in Martins Ferry, who gave me a dry place to sleep and very good conversation. Ron Carpenter in Middleport, the thoughtful host and fellow Gulf War vet who owns the Downing House B&B. Jeremiah Matson near Athalia, Ohio, who brought me a cold root beer one evening. Marlene in Huntington, who gave me a tour of the town and got me a root beer at Frostop. Jake Quillen, who kayaks to work every day, and gave me a ride to breakfast in Racine, twice, and Tammy, who owns the Old Lock 24 Campground in Racine. Some unknown fisherman who gave me the two cold Dr Peppers near Proctorville, Ohio. The tugboat pilot that waited for me to lead out of a lock (I would have been swamped by his prop wash).

The exceptional thoughtfulness of these people, and others, made the trip worthwhile. When I think of the difficulties I encountered, they fade with the knowledge that people like this are willing to do kind things without any reward. I have a lot to pay forward for.