Aug 10

The boat ramp I stayed at last night is not very close to anything. Jeremiah said his mailing address is Crown City and that's seven miles downriver. The closest town is Glenwood, but that's on the West Virginia side.

Tonight I am at a ramp near Riverside Terrace, but not real near, perhaps three miles distant. Ohio has put these ramps in place between towns, not really convenient for boaters but very convenient for paddlers like me. Ramps in towns get very busy in the evenings, young people, loud music, trouble of one kind or another. These ramps, since they are out of the way, stay quiet all the time.

I have been looking for a store or restaurant, but nothing has turned up. I stopped at a ramp that led into Athalia, Ohio, but there was absolutely nothing there. A fisherman told me they had a gun shop but it was closed on Sunday. He, however, offered my two very cold cans of Diet Dr. Pepper, and I savored every drop.

Did seventeen miles today. Some wind but the rain held off. Will get to Huntington tomorrow, probably early enough for breakfast, it's only five miles. Been looking forward to Huntington, it is supposed to be very river-oriented.