Aug 11

Tonight I am at a campground at Virginia Point, where the Big Sandy River empties into the Ohio. The campground is actually in West Virginia, the furthest west you can go in the state; across the Big Sandy is Kentucky. I couldn't find a store here, as the guidebook said there would be, so I paddled across to Catlettsburg, Kentucky and was given a ride by a young man on the levee to a grocery store, where I restocked for the next couple days. Catlettsburg is interesting in that it is high on a bluff but still has a twenty foot flood wall surrounding the town.

Lots to say about my breakfast stop in Huntington. Fletcher had given me names of a hot dog place there, as well as a root beer place, both favorites of his. They were both, however, a ways from the river and I doubted that I could get there. There is a nice boat ramp that I pulled up on, intending to find something close. As I was tending to my boat things, a woman struck up a conversation with me, and we discussed river things, as I have done with so many. But I think she felt sorry that I wasn't going to see the places Fletcher told me about and she offered to drive me around and show me some of Huntington. The first place we stopped was a Bob Evans restaurant where I got my first coffee and restaurant breakfast in four days. Ah, very good. Then she showed me Ritter Park, pleasant old homes surrounding a beautiful public area. Close by was the root beer place, so we had to stop and have one.

The rest of the town tour included Hillbilly Hot Dogs, drove by but did not partake, Marshall University, and some of the newer developments in the town. All in all, I liked Huntington. It's a mixture of the old river town, with the new modern convenience of a large city. Very progressive, very pretty.

After the tour, it was back to paddling, and ending the day, as I said, at Virginia Point. I hope everyone realizes this journey is drawing to a close. It's Monday evening, and I am meeting Fletcher sometime on Friday. So lots more to be done and talked about, but an end in sight.