Aug 13

Well, that burger at Burger King did me in. Up most of the night trying to keep everything down, but not successful. Really bad stomach cramps. Fever, chills, no sleep.

Stayed in bed pretty late, felt a little better when I finally crawled out, stomach cramps gone but nothing to eat for breakfast. A very nice quiet boat ramp but I can't stay for another day and night. Not much energy but I have to paddle. Only a few miles to Ironton, Ohio, another town with a flood wall, but there is a nice boat ramp close to downtown. Guide book says there's a restaurant right at the top of the ramp, but it's been closed for a while. Wandered into town, found breakfast at the Transit Cafe, adjacent to the bus terminal. Actually it was well after noon so breakfast was more a lunch. Didn't eat much because I wasn't sure my stomach would cooperate.

Feeling a lot better this evening. Didn't paddle any further. Plenty of camping space outside the floodwall at the boat ramp. Got another sandwich at the Transit Cafe, think I'll be able to sleep tonight, get to Greenup, Kentucky, tomorrow where I'll meet Fletcher on Friday.