Aug 4

Four weeks on the river. About a hundred miles on the Mon, and about two hundred thirty-five on the Ohio. Not bad but I had expected to be about twice that by now.

When I left the cabin this morning, I left a couple dollars for the liter of diet Pepsi that I finished off. I do like diet sodas, and the craving increases exponentially when they are not anywhere to be found. Butch had told me about a little store that was hidden up a creek and I found it about ten AM. Bought a bunch of those little powdered sugar covered donuts and coffee. The store was run by two older guys who were very interested in my saga. We talked for quite a while as I finished at least four cups of coffee. But I finally got away, eager to get at those donuts. I also bought one of their ham and cheese sandwiches thinking I would save it for lunch. It went soon after the donuts - I was hungry.

Very foggy this morning but I had to cross the river to go through the Racine lock. Look both ways, couldn't see any barges, nor could I hear any. Just what I need for one of those giants to loom up out of the fog bearing down on me. But they blow their horns every two minutes in the fog and I hadn't heard any, and I made it across safely. Had to wait quite a while at the lock for a tug with a small barge to lock through. They had put him through the small chamber but even then it took an hour to get him out.

I had planned to get to the Old Lock 24 Campground by this evening and that is where I am. Just a mile upriver from here is the town of Racine, Ohio. I had wanted to find a post office there to send some items home and I found it not far from the river. Very pleasant clerk, she helped me with packing and posting, all the while talking about the town. She mentioned Sikorski's Family Restaurant right across the street, where I got a good burger, fries and cole slaw for lunch. On the way back to the boat I saw a marker which I photographed - you can read it for yourselves. But I'd like to say there are still some huge trees standing - the one photo is of a gigantic sycamore, was at least six feet in diameter. That's my little backpack lying there for a reference - very large tree.

The campground is located at the site of an old lock and dam, the building housed the pumpworks. Of course the dam is gone as are the lock chambers - I am glad they saved the old pump building, so many were just torn down and scrapped. I think I will spend a pleasant night here if I can find a place to put up my tent that isn't covered with goose crap.