Jul 10

The American Legion marina turned out to be a good place to set up a tent. I'd been there a couple hours and some old vets (like me) came down and invited me up to the bar for a beer. So we sat around and told outrageous war stories, as vets are wont to do.

Next morning I walked to Brownsville to a little cafe called Fiddle Confectionary. A great breakfast but as I was finishing my coffee a woman named Norma Ryan called me, said she had heard about my adventure and wanted to come down and meet me. Not only did she insist on buying my breakfast but she took me on a two hour tour of the town. I must admit, a very interesting little burg. She is a former mayor and knew everyone and all the special sites.

So I didn't get started on the river until about noon, paddled for about six hours and arrived in a little borough called Charleroi, after the town of the same name in Belgium. Was met there by Don Henderson who had been notified by Norma of my trip. Don is the city manager of Charleroi and showed me a great evening. Italian food and beer in a local tavern, lots of good conversation, and later took me home where I met his wife and had some more good conversation, and I had a much-needed shower. Did not get back to my campsite, at a private residence right on the river, arranged by Don, until almost midnight. But I had no problem falling asleep after the welcome shower and several bottles of beer.