Jul 13

Had a hotel reservation in Homestead, just a couple miles up river from Pittsburgh, but when I got there I couldn't get out of the river and up to the hotel. Bummer. So I have paddled on to Pittsburgh and looks like I will be bunking down in a little riverfront park across the Mon from downtown Pittsburgh. Rained for a couple hours, stopped now. Walked up to a convenience store, got a pepperoni wrap. Mmmm-mmm, good.

Getting low on power for the iPad and cell phone, have to find a stopover where I can recharge. There are a couple marinas a few miles past Pittsburgh that say they are "full service", wonder if that includes cell phone recharging. One offers camping space so I'll probably go there.

Went through the last Mon River lock today, not a problem at all. That's been seven all together. But there are twenty on the Ohio River.

I have had to recalculate my goal - there's no way I can make the nine hundred miles on the Ohio to Cairo, Illinois. It will be more like seven hundred which will end me up somewhere between Cincinnati and Louisville.

Not too shabby I guess. I'll settle for that.