Jul 16

In Bridgewater PA tonight. Across the Beaver Creek from Rochester. Saw a little riverfront park about a mile back in Rochester, probably go back and sleep there. Docked my boat at a friendly marina (not all of them are friendly to kayakers) and walked to a Giant Eagle store. Sort of their version of Walmart, sells everything. Bought soup, G2, soap, rubber bands, coffee creamer, ramen noodles, and a cold, cold diet Pepsi. Aaaahh !!

Passed Sewickley about nine-thirty this morning, a town mentioned in Pete Seeger's rendition of "Monongahela Sal", along with Monessen and Aliquippa. If you've never heard that song, go listen to it on You Tube. Anyway, as I passed the town boat ramp, a boat out in the middle of the river hailed me - actually yelled at me and waved. So I paddled out to them - a power boat from some service company, about a 25 footer, with two guys trying to paddle it. Said their motor had died and wanted me to tow them back to the dock. I didn't think I could do it, but they threw me a line and I paddled hard and eventually got them back to the dock. I told them no one was going to believe this and they didn't say much - I think they were embarrassed.

Got down to fifty-one degrees last night, supposed to be in the forties tonight. But the days are cool and cloudy, perfect for paddling. A little too windy, and blowing from the west, right into my face, but I'm taking my time . Stay close to shore where the wind is not so strong.

Passed a Coast Guard station this morning, the USCGC Osage is there. It's a buoy tender that goes out and marks hazards in the boat channels. Your tax dollars at work.

Also went through the Deshields lock. I'm getting very good at that, actually fun. Been through nine now, there are twenty altogether on the Ohio, not sure how many before I get to Cincinnati. I'm sure I will lose count.

Tired, sleepy, time for bed.