Jul 20

When I awoke this morning about five-thirty, it was raining. I went back to sleep, and when I awoke again at seven, it was still raining. The weather forecast said rain all day and I decided to spend another day in Newel.

But then, about nine, the rain stopped and by ten the skies had cleared, sun breaking through now and then. So I packed up, paddled away from Newel at noon, and find myself tonight in Toronto, Ohio, at a very pretty riverside park. Easy access to the town, I found a BBQ joint just a block away, and an ATM close by. Two things that make life comfortable. Got a BBQ sandwich, which I will say now was as good as any I've had. And good cole slaw, maybe a bit too creamy but alright. The other side I had was Mac and cheese, which needs some work, not really sure what flavor of cheese they used but it was the wrong one. And two, count 'em, two diet cokes. Geez, a soft drink really tastes good when you've been drinking water and G2 all day.

Today being Sunday, there was quite a bit of recreational boating on the river. I went through the New Cumberland lock with three power boats and they were all very courteous, slowed down so their wakes wouldn't swamp me. I appreciate that. The only thing I don't understand about power boaters is why they feel a need to play their music at full volume out on the water. I guess it's the same "hey, notice me" plea for those that drive around with their car windows down and music blasting.

This is a real nice, quiet little river town, just what I expected of river towns along the Ohio. A easy access boat ramp, a dock, nice picnic tables under shelter. Doesn't get much better than this for a river traveller.