Jul 21

Tonight I am in Wellsburg, West Virginia, a quaint little river town, handy for river travelers like me. Found a Wendy's just a couple blocks from the boat ramp, other places close too. Hope there is a good breakfast cafe around.

Came by Steubenville earlier. My parents lived there before I was born. Not sure what they did there, but I know they didn't stay long. Steubenville had a reputation back in the nineteen thirties and forties as being a tough town, coal miners mainly and a scattering of river workers. It was at the forefront of unions' attempts to organize the mine workers, and gunfights and murders were common. Everyone went armed. If you want to get an idea of how that all went, look at a documentary called " The Harlan County Wars", or a movie titled "Matewan".

I sort of hated to leave Toronto this morning. A very pretty little burg, although when I went to Margaret's Cafe for breakfast, I found it closed. But I did find a BP convenience store which had tables to eat at, so I filled up on coffee and donuts.

Plan to be in Wheeling tomorrow evening. Would truly like to find a convenient hotel right by the river. I need to sleep in a bed for a change. I have a very comfortable air mattress, almost as big as a twin bed, but it's just not the same. And a shower is always welcome.