Jul 25

Got to Duffy, Ohio, late, about seven PM. Did eighteen miles today, felt good paddling in the late afternoon, have to try it some more. Sun behind the trees on the west side of the river, wind died down. Went through the Hannibal lock about five o'clock.

Not much in Duffy but the town across the river looked promising. New Martinsville, West Virginia. So I paddled across. Glad I did, there was a fantastic restaurant there called Quinet's. Had a great buffet, not cheap stuff like you find sometimes, but real comfort food. Meatloaf, salisbury steak with wonderful brown gravy, homemade rolls, all sorts of veggies, and desserts to die for. Ate too much but worth it. It was late, almost dark, when I finished dinner, so I just spread my sleeping bag out on a grassy spot near the boat ramp, no tent, no air mattress. Okay, but I'm sure I will be sore all over. Back in my Army days, sleeping on the ground was routine - just great to get a few hours sleep at all, didn't need the comforts of home like I do now.

New Martinsville has a wonderful old county courthouse, Gothic architecture, I think. Then catty-corner from it is the city hall. I will post photos of both, you can draw your own conclusions. I like this town, everyone is real friendly and there seems to be a spirit of town-ness, if you know what I mean. Tomorrow morning, Saturday, there is a five K run dedicated to a former mayor who died a decade ago. Evidently he was well-liked, they've had this run in his honor for ten years.

By the way, Quinet's restaurant has been here, in the same location since 1941. Guess I'll do breakfast there in the morning.