Jul 27

Today has turned out to be a rest day. That wasn't the plan but I'm happy. I got all packed up this morning, ready to leave Sistersville after a very good breakfast in the Wells Inn, where I stayed last night. I got on the river, hoping to do fourteen miles to St Mary's but the wind was dreadful. Must have been at least twenty mph. There were whitecaps out in the middle,of the river and the swells were about two feet, right in my face. Every time I hit one, it sprayed up over me - reminded me of those big navy ships that dip into the sea at every swell then spray waves over the deck. I was getting soaked and the boat was filling up. And to top it off, the sky was dark to the south, storm coming. It was real easy for me to turn around and head back to Sistersville and the Wells Inn.

So I find myself back at the hotel, hence, a rest day. Patti looked up the hotel on the internet and informed me on the phone last night that there was a ghost present there. When I got to the dock before going back to check in, a fisherman asked me if I had stayed there last night and I replied that I had. Then he asked if I had had a room on the third floor. Again, yes. He then told me that his wife had worked there for several years and confirmed the ghost story, evidently a third floor presence. But he said that it was a friendly spirit, a good ghost. I mentioned it all to the lady who checked me in, and she hotly denied it. Understandable. But she put me in a different room, one on the second floor.

So I get a second night in a bed. I've been out three weeks now, all but these last two nights either in my tent, on the air mattress, or out on the ground, tentless, and once, without the mattress. I could get used to a bed very quickly. And a daily shower. I did locate a laundromat so I am doing some needed maintenance.

I spotted a pizza joint as I was searching for the laundry. It's called Fort's. Hmm, not very pizza-sounding, but I think I'll try it. Haven't had pizza since Coraopolis, and that was what? only two weeks ago?