Jul 28 & 29

Not much to say about Monday, Jul 28. Woke up to storms, winds, dark skies, so I stayed at the Wells Inn for a third night. Not much choice really, the wind is relentless. Did some more sightseeing in Sistersville, but it's only a half mile long and three blocks wide so there's not that much to see. Saw a very interesting fence situation - I'll post a picture of it - a giant sycamore, at least four feet in diameter, had grown up through a metal fence so only a few of the posts shown through the bark. Wouldn't know how many years it would take for that to happen, forty, fifty I'd guess. Oil was discovered in this area back a hundred years ago and quite a few of the big old homes in Sistersville were built by the oil barons of the time. Big homes, a little out of place in such a small town.

This morning I was determined to get back on the river. Not a problem. Water smooth as glass, just a hint of wind, so off I went. Overcast skies kept the temp down in the seventies, and I got to St Mary's about six PM, severteen miles, a good day. Nice riverside park built by the Corps of Engineers, got a ride into town with a boater. Town, however, consists of an IGA, so I found ham and cheese sandwiches in the deli case. Chips, and diet Coke rounded out dinner.

There was a two mile long island that I paddled around. Went through the narrow shute, some very shallow areas that I had to paddle backward on. Hate to get stuck in the middle of the river on a shallow sandbar. Seems to be quite a bit more recreational boating along this stretch, not so much industry. The Ohio shore is all in the Wayne National Forest and in the last twenty miles there has only been one small coal-fired power plant. Unusual. The national forest is named for Anthony Wayne, a distinguished army general during the American Revolution and member of the US House of Representatives when the country was struggling with independence.

Plan to get to Marietta, Ohio, tomorrow. I've been looking forward to visiting there - it is supposed to be a real river-friendly city.