Jul 7, 8 & 9

Been out three day and finally got to a place where I have a signal on my phone.

The first two locks downriver from Fairmont are closed to recreational traffic, so I had to start my paddle in Uffington, WV. Two miles to Morgantown, where I met Steve Selin, a professor at WVU and his wife Jennifer, who is the mayor of Morgantown. They are active in Mon River issues so were very interested in my trip. Took me to lunch and gave me a number of contact phone numbers at places I would go through later. Great folks.

Went on and arrived late in Greensboro where I was met by Darlene Garrett, one of Steve's contacts. She offered to let me camp in her backyard but it was a ways from the river. She had a friend named Maggie who lived closer to the Mon, and she offered her backyard. Again, great folks.

On the 8th, I got to Rices Landing. I was told there was a campground there but I couldn't find it so I set my rent up
In a park right by the river. A man and wife drove by and I asked if it was okay for me to camp there. They called a borough councilman, got an okay for me to be there, and later brought me a Subway sandwich. Did I say great folks ?
In Brownsville now, at an American Legion post - told me to pitch my tent anywhere then come have a beer or two. Can't refuse that sort of hospitality.

My paddling has been slow, between two and three miles an hour. Boat is packed and sluggish, and I haven't paddled enough lately to do six or seven hours. At this rate I won 't get to Cairo in fifty- five days.