More Banks of the Ohio

I have noticed two distinctive features of the banks along the Ohio River. One is tires. I am unsure as to why people choose to discard their used tires in lakes and rivers - this is not just a feature limited to this area. Back in Texas it is not unusual to see tires along lake shores and river banks. Here, however, it is much much more pervasive. Often there are piles of tires, several dozen. And they are ugly.

Next are plastic 55 gallon drums, usually blue but not always. Many are orange, lots of white ones too. And plastic, not the old 55 gallon metal drums. Also not sure where they come from - lots of people use them to build floating docks. But there are dozens of them, probably hundreds, thousands, since my view of the river is limited. And they are ugly.

I love the Ohio River - did I mention that I grew up in Cincinnati ? But it is difficult to understand the abuse of the natural beauty that the river offers. Can anyone explain it to me ?