More Tech Issues

Just want to say a word or two about my equipment. First of all: the boat. The Tarpon 160 has performed flawlessly. I am not a big fan of sit-on-top kayaks, but for this trip, it was essential. No other boat could carry as much as I have - about sixty pounds - and maintain the stability and tracking this one has. I have shifted things around quite a bit but finally found packing to suit the boat and my needs, rudder is exceptional. Everything is dandy.

I have an Asolo tent, an Astro 2, pops up in a few minutes. Has an excellent rain fly, no complaints. Army issue sleeping bag and poncho liner, have kept me toasty warm. I have a Coleman single air mattress, too big for my tent but workable. Several dry bags, all good, no leaks. The best one is an H2ZERO.

As I stated in my Tech Issues post when I started, I had planned on twenty-five miles a day, for fifty days. That would have put me in Cairo, Illinois, on Labor Day. The reality is, I have averaged twelve miles a day, and I will only be out for forty-two days. That means a little over five hundred miles. No complaints, no excuses.

There are things I brought that I didn't need, and things I needed that I didn't bring. If you want to take a trip like this, let me know. I'll send you my list.