Tech Issues

Had quite a few questions about the boat, how many miles I'll cover per day, where I'll stay.

The boat I'll use is a 16 foot Wilderness Systems Tarpon, a real workhorse, comfortable, rugged. And, yes, it has a rudder. A very reliable kayak.

I plan to cover about twenty-two miles a day, three hours paddling in the morning, three more hours after a lunch break. That isn't breakneck speed, but I don't want to wear myself out, and I want time to stop and see historic sites and other points of interest. That gives me fifty days, more or less, to cover the thousand miles, with a day off every week or so.
I'll try to camp most nights, but I'll take a break now and then and find a comfortable bed to sleep in. Most of the river towns on the Ohio have been catering to river travelers for a couple hundred years so I think hotels and B&B's should be plentiful.

There are nine locks that I will go through on the Mon River and about twenty on the Ohio. Never paddled through a lock before so I am interested in the experience, a little apprehensive too.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to send them, just click on the "contact me" tab. I'll get your message on a dedicated email address I've set up and i will answer all.