OK, let me back up and get the chronology straight. For a while I wasn't able to post every night and I got confused about where I was and when. Actually on Jul 11, I stayed at a marina at New Eagle, a private marina I was referred to by Don. They had a big grassy area where I set up my tent and were close enough to town to let me walk to a store for resupply. Soon after I got back to my tent, a fellow named Dave came by with a cooler full of beer and some Greek meatballs his wife had made. Beer was good and meatballs were excellent. He was from Pittsburgh and we sat for a couple hours emptying beer cans and talking about the area. A great guy.

I passed a pleasant night, no rain, no wind, although I did have to get up a few times to process all that beer.

The next morning went to Hill's Restaurant for breakfast, very good, and some nice conversation. Later, as I paddled out of the marina, a guy leaned out of his cabin boat and handed me a bottle of water, said it was ice cold and there was a cozy on it. I didn't refuse.

That night, Jul 12, is when I got to McKeesport and camped on the side of a city boat ramp.

That should get us up to date.